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Keepr's Smoked Honey Bourbon 40%Vol - Bezar

Keepr's Smoked Honey Bourbon 40%Vol

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Bourbon Distilled and aged in Florida by Master Distiller Edie Zurita, using his 35 years of expertise and knowledge. The bourbon is aged for 18 months in White American Oak Barrels and finished at our distillery in England by our award-winning Master Distiller, Jamie Baggott. In England the Bourbon is stored for 3 months in once-used bourbon casks to pick up a new level of char, deeper colour and develop further the oak spice, vanilla and caramel notes. Before bottling we finish with Cotswold water and infuse with smoked 100% British Honey from our hives. The beautifully balanced sweetness of honey with a hint of campfire smoke on the palate. 

APPEARANCE: Deep amber colour
Tasting: A lively entry with spice, that melts into a very smooth mixture of fresh and dried fruit. Oak spice, Vanilla and caramel notes.

100% British Honey from our honey bees.1500