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Dodd's Gin 49.9%Vol - Bezar

Dodd's Gin 49.9%Vol

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Dodd's Gin is a velvety smooth blend of botanicals for a beautifully sublime and vibrant  gin.

Inspired by and named after the visionary engineer Ralph Dodd, who established The London Distillery Company in 1807 to provide the public with Genuine British Spirits, our trailblazing small batch gin is a considered and well-executed contemporary take on a classic.

Juniper-driven with bright, fresh lime peel in place of the more traditional coriander seed, this makes for a gin that is at once elegant and playful, invigorating and mellow - despite the higher ABV.

Verdant lime and bay laurel greet the nose, while the delightful mouthfeel and a delectable, subtle sweetness come from the addition of pure honey collected from The British Honey Company hives, imparting a creaminess that bestows floral notes of lime blossom and jasmine. This mellows the refreshing, earthy menthol notes delivered by lingering hints of bay and angelica, which in turn beckons an elegant finish of black and green cardamom with a tickle of soft spice and nectar from fresh red raspberry leaf.

Tasting Notes: NOSE
Juniper, bay, slightly floral lime and honey, hint of earthy menthol

Tasting Notes: PALATE
Smooth and soft for the ABV with a good weight behind it. Slightly honeyed mouth feel carries bay leaf flavours nicely alongside the juniper.

Tasting Notes: FINISH
A tickle of earthy spice, freshened by raspberry leaf

ABV: 49.9%