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British Honey Trio Gift Set - Bezar

British Honey Trio Gift Set

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The ultimate honey lovers gift set

A trio of 100% British Honey in different forms Runny, Cutcomb and creamed honey from our beautiful bees in The Cotswolds with a honey twizzler a perfect gift for anyone that loves honey.

Which is your favourite?


Delicious 100% British honey in its most natural form.This can be eaten right out the tub, or break it up and add to salads, desserts, or a delicious topping for your breakfast in the morning. Yummy on pancakes!


Our pure unadulterated 100% British Honey is lovingly collected by our KEEPR’s directly from our hives in the Cotswolds. Creamed by us to make smooth and spreadable honey.Some say it was the bees that coloured the Cotswold stone so yellow, or was it the Sun? We say it was definitely our Bees.


100% British Honey collected from apiaries in the Cotswolds. Capturing all the unique flavour of the local Cotswold flowers. Pairs with toast, jam and marmalade at breakfast or teatime. Multi-Floral honey handled with care from beehive to jar and lightly filtered to retain all the natural goodness.

Not suitable for children under one. Diabetics should seek medical advice