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Welcome to turtl
It's lovely to meet you! We are turtl and we're very excited to introduce you to our new friendly footwear. For well over a year we've been working on our debut product socks in a shell, developed to solve more than one problem...
As parents, we know how important it is to have footwear for children which is easy to put on, stay on, whilst being soft and flexible enough to promote healthy foot development. We've cracked it!
Whilst on a family holiday to Turkey and seeing the marine wildlife in a rescue centre recovering from injuries caused by plastic ingestion, fishing hooks and nets, Jonny, our director felt inspired to help, turtl was born.

We set off on our journey to produce these inventive shoes. It was essential to us to stand by the cause that had inspired us. To reduce waste, create a recyclable product from recycled materials which would last.
To add to all of our work developing a turtle-friendly product, we decided to donate a percentage of our profits each year to like-minded charities on a mission to clean our oceans, removing plastic and other man-made waste, protecting marine wildlife.