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Sœurs Chey

CHeY is a jewelry brand imagined by two Franco-Khmer Lille sisters: Fanny & Katy. 

We took them for a long time for binoculars , only a year and a half separate them in time but in space it is indeed the whole Atlantic Ocean which interferes between them. Fanny lives in Guadeloupe , Katy in Marseille . Followers of surfing and yoga , they are very often to share their passion, shop and create new styles.  

They were immersed in fashion and the textile industry at a very young age: their father, a  fashion designer in Cambodia , started his clothing workshop when he arrived in France; they loved to spend their Wednesday afternoon there among fabrics and spools of thread rather than going to the airy center. 

Since their teenage years, they adore fashion, dream of creating together and use their mother's sewing machine to make clothes. 

Later Fanny launches out as an artist painter in Guadeloupe and realizes her first exhibitions while Katy goes to live in Rome, Paris then London, working in communication and events. 

In 2013, they toured the USA together with the Let's Cheyenne project in order to interview start-ups, discover new trends but also the depths of America thanks to Wwoofing. They come back and want to continue Let's Cheyenne but their concept has yet to take shape, grow and mature.  

Little by little, the urge to realize their dream takes hold , the project is finalized, the time has come: CHeY | the new Jewelry  was born. 

CHeY is a daring style that resembles them and mixes their personality and their experience. Paddle boarding in Pain de Sucre Bay, swimming on the Marseille rocks, tailoring workshops, London style, Parisian refinement, everything is there! CHeY is a community, a lifestyle that lets itself be lulled by the sea , it's daily adventure . 

They make it a point of honor to use durable and quality materials and thus join the movement of SLOW Fashion . The production, artisanal, is 100% made in France. Sensitive to the environment , they recycle old clothes and fabric scraps to make their packaging bags.