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Literati & Light

Literati & Light are purveyors of scented stories. Each of our home fragrance products is inspired by a great work of literature.

Founded by husband and wife team Philip and Justine in 2016, Literati & Light was born of a simple desire to capture and share the fragrances of the greatest stories ever told.

It all began when Justine was researching her PhD in modernist literature. Being an experienced candle-maker and lover of all things fragrant, she quickly noticed how frequently detailed descriptions of perfumes and aromas appeared in literary works. Soon an obsession took hold and she began riffling through her favourite books to discover what the stories might smell like if she could lift their covers and step inside.

Today we capture those scents in the home fragrance products we craft by hand using ethically-sourced materials from British suppliers. Our products are environmentally responsible and are plastic free, paraffin free, and SECURELY packaged in eco-friendly packaging AND BIODEGRADABLE VOID FILLER. We research and manufacture all of products by hand in beautiful Berkshire and are constantly on the hunt for the next literary work to bring to fragrant life.

Visit our scented library to take a fragrant journey from the silk roads of ancient Persia to the flapper-filled parties of the roaring twenties. Join Holmes at 221B Baker Street, take a trip to Alice's Wonderland, or wander the rain-speckled moors of Wuthering Heights.

The Literati & Light story continues…