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Explore the unique benefits of the first natural and organic fertilizer made in France based on insect frass. (each Jungle Stick can feed 3 medium sized plants for 3 months) This natural fertiliser has a high content of organic matter (characteristics not found in synthetic products) and is a sustainable and natural food for your plants. Its dry and odourless granule format allows it to spread slowly in the soil: it fights against drought by retaining water and helps your plants to develop better roots.

- INNOVATIVE: naturally present as a residue in Jungle Feed fertilizers, the chitin found in insect shells has unique benefits: it stimulates the immune system of your plants, helping them to defend themselves against disease!

- NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE: in addition to being compatible with organic farming, insect frass is one of the natural fertilisers with the lowest ecological impact (mainly due to the fact that insect farming uses very little water and space).

- SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL: it takes up very little space (a few grams are enough) and its slow diffusion avoids any risk of forgetting or overdosing. Little extra: it is biologically stable and therefore safe for you and your pets!

- MADE IN FRANCE: our raw material comes from local insect farms: buying Jungle Feed also means supporting our farmer friends throughout France (the packaging is recyclable and made in Bordeaux)

Jungle Feed
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