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Grace Souky

I’ve always been fascinated by everything home. Ever since I used to play afternoon tea with my mom’s real china (true story), I loved the ritual of sharing a meal and all the amazing things that happen around the dinner table. I started Grace Souky to bring more joy to your life through beautiful, meaningful pieces for your home.

Your home should be a source of comfort and inspiration. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in more than a few places, from my hometown Venezuela, to New York and now London; and I’m truly convinced that you bring home with you wherever you go. Whether eating alone in front of the TV or entertaining loved ones in a perfectly decorated table, the pieces we choose to surround ourselves with, speak about who we are and what we believe in.

In 2016, I launched Grace Souky as an answer to unethical, anonymous, low-quality products, meant to last only for a season. We all want products that are meaningful, ethical and special, pieces we’ll cherish and keep. We create forever pieces for everyday life.